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A Directory... but so much more. It's a curated network that allows you to connect within a powerful community of professionals. You share a common goal when you join the Directory - growth and development for success!  

We've done the hard part for you and gathered trusted professionals so there's no need to search the wilderness online anymore. Forget making phone calls and sending emails to find what you need. Join the new way to connect.

It's simple. 

Businesses, Schools, Early Learning Centres and Not for Profits

 Find and connect with the perfect coach, consultant, trainer, presenter or specialist. Not sure what you need? Post a request and your experts will contact you with suggestions. Get quotes, chat and learn more about the providers before you make a booking. This service is FREE - we don't take a cut of the booking either.


Presenters, Consultants, Coaches, Trainers and Registered Training Organisations

Grow your business and connect with great customers without calling, emailing or investing in expensive marketing! Your profile on the site, the ability to respond to requests and promotion opportunities are all included in your membership. Connect and chat with clients to provide unique solutions and your booking fees are all yours! 

Meeting Room Business
Just a few more reasons to join...

Simple & user friendly

High quality members

National network

Low cost subscription

Local Australian Innovation

Safe and secure

No downloading software

Online and accessible 

A Man and a Woman working together


34 Charles Street, South Perth 6151, Australia

1300 346 575

Contact us for a trial

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