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to simplify and supercharge the learning journey.

"It's a curated Directory at your fingertips."

The Directory for Learning is simple, user friendly, and super powerful. It's your one-stop-shop for connecting with Learning Seekers and Learning Providers. Create a profile, connect with other members, and collaborate to achieve your goals.


In the Directory's central hub, you can respond to requests, chat, and send quotes to those looking for your services. You can also advertise and explore the Neighbourhood section to promote, connect and grow your business too.

So if you're seeking services such as a business coach, mentor, workplace trainer, tutor or presenter, you've come to the right place. Find them by simply posting a request, or by contacting Learning Providers directly via their profile. 

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Stop your desperate search

Please, we've been there, done that. In fact, we were so motivated to put an end to stressful searching once and for all, that we spent five years developing a solution. Welcome to the Directory for Learning.

The new way to find who you're looking for

Learn your way

More often than not, learning needs to be tailored to suit particular needs. Our members can post specific requests, to ensure they get exactly what they need.

Happy searching

The Directory section is a list of all the trusted professionals ready to support learning seekers. Each has their own searchable profile and a direct message button for quick contact.

A true community

Need some inspiration? Want to share an article or update? Head over to the friendly neighbourhood section, where sharing is made easy.

Quick quotes

With every quote received through the platform, you'll never lose track of a quote again. Once accepted, the other responders are automatically notified.



You have a valuable set of skills to offer the world, yet finding the right audience, new customers, and new clients can seem impossible.


With your profile on the Directory for Learning, you can do less cold calling and prospecting, and more connecting with the right people faster.


Connect and chat with clients, provide quotes, and offer your services with confidence, all within the platform. 



With 8 billion people in the world and 30 billion+ websites on Google alone, finding the right leader, educator, trainer, or RTO can be daunting.


We get it - we're educators too. Which is exactly why we spent five years building the Directory for Learning. Now you can find the professionals you need faster.


Post a request and your experts will come to you! This service is free - we don't take a cut of the booking either.

More about Learning Providers & Seekers

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